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Sweet as Nature 

We perfected Organic Stevia so you can replace sugar with a sweetener that's better for your body. Naturally.

An Australian First

Extracted from the Stevia plant, dried then purified, Stevia is blended with a sugar alcohol found naturally in melons - Organic Certified Erythritol. It's been South America's natural sweetener for 100's of years.

Losing weight has never tasted better*

Cut out sugar, lose weight. A no brainer. Use Organic Stevia just like sugar so you can have your cake and lose weight too.

Organic Certified Erythritol, a natural sugar alcohol has zero calories. It passes through the body without a calorie count. So zero blood sugar levels, making it suitable for diabetics.

*Weight loss benefits are only possible in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise

Organic natural sweetness. Step by Step.

Our sweetener is 100% organic and has no nasties.

  1. It all begins with Mother Nature's sweet Stevia plant
  2. When the plant flowers, harvesting begins
  3. The leaves are then infused with water
  4. The sweetness is intensified to extract the best flavour
  5. You end up with the perfect blend of organic natural sweetener

From nature to you, the convenience of natural Organic Stevia

The Goodness of Organic Stevia at a glance

  1. Certified Organic
  2. Low calories
  3. Low carbohydrates
  4. Tooth friendly
  5. Diabetic friendly
  6. High digestive tolerance
  7. Can by used for all cooking needs
  8. Hot and cold drinks
  9. No nasties (no aspartame, _
    no saccharin, no pesticides)
  10. No GMO

  • Sugarless Stevia Organic Granules Canister 250g
  • Sugarless Stevia Organic Tablets 200’s and 100’s
  • Sugarless Stevia Organic Sticks 40’s
  • Sugarless Stevia Organic Café Sticks 500’s

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are your Sweeteners Gluten Free?

Yes. Our sachets, tablets and 250gram products are all Gluten Free. They also do not contain any dairy products.

Why is the amount of Stevia in your products so small?

Our products have been formulated to be used just like sugar in your hot and cold drinks, and baking. As stevia is around 300 times sweeter than sugar, only a small amount is required to give the same sweetness as sugar. So you can use relatively the same quantity as sugar in your recipes, we have blended organic erythritol as the carrier, or base for the stevia. The product is called Organic "Stevia", as the stevia is the active sweetener in the product.


Losing Weight has never tasted better

Our range of low calorie sweeteners are a great sugar substitute.

They taste and sweeten like sugar, minus the calories, Losing weight has never tasted better.

*Weight loss benefits are only possible in combination with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

A world without sugar? SWEET.

SUGARLESS® Sweetener is perfect for anyone trying to lose weight and or going sugar free. Traditionally sweeteners were used by people with diabetes, but now we are all rethinking sugar. 

  • Sugarless Sweetener 60’s
  • Sugarless Sweetener 110’s
  • Sugarless Liquid 250ml
  • Sugarless Sweetener Caterers 1000’s
  • Sugarless Café Sticks 50’s

Powder Sachet 60 Packet

A handy 60 individually wrapped sachets pack to use in your kitchen, a cafe, or work. Super convenient. Easy to use. Keep them on you. 

Powder Sachet 110 Packet

Get more value with this large 110 value pack. Individually wrapped sachets provide ease of use & convenience.

Use it in your coffee, tea, juices or smoothies. 1 sachet is equal to 2 teaspoons of real sugar.

Liquid Sweetener

Sugarless® Liquid comes in a ready to use, easy to measure bottles.

Make cakes sugar free. Great for baking or cooking. Use in treats, desserts, stir fries or sauces, with only a fraction of the calories.

Cafe Sticks

Sugarless is also available in café sticks.

Taste the difference in a café near you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are your Sweeteners Gluten Free?

Yes. Our sachets, liquid and tablets are all Gluten Free, but the tablets and sachets do contain lactose. 

What sweeteners are used in your products?

The sachets contain Aspartame, the tablets contain Aspartame and Asceselfame K, and the liquid contains Saccharin.


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